I created this space because I wanted to have a place where I could unite all of my passions and professional work. With all the things I love to do and create I am one busy little bee. I am a teacher, a minister, an artist, a writer, and a stepmama! Please feel free to buzz around and explore! And of course, email me for info on any of the work or creative endeavors that may interest you!

Who Am I? 
I live simply and love fiercely.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face for better or for worse.
My loved ones are like pure oxygen to a mountain climber’s lungs: fresh and needed and beautiful.
I feel like the moon understands me. A star-filled sky brings more comfort than any words.
I think art is fundamentally essential to life and beg everyone to just create. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who creates.
I love to travel because of the feeling I get when I am in a new magical place but seeing the world through they eyes of someone you love is like seeing it twice.
I have always needed to see things through and let all my feelings wash over me like warm summer rain.
I do everything with my whole heart even though I know not everyone else can, is willing to, or could possibly understand.
And I am finally starting to learn how to flip on my back and float down the river instead of treading water and trying to fight the current.